“Lawn Centrifuge” – a revolving patch of lawn. Buried underneath the grass, a platform spins a five metre diameter disc of soil. Due to the centrifugal force the spinning grass grows outwards and forms a unique pattern. A piece of kinetic land art, an astrobotanical machine, a green thrill ride.

Julijonas Urbonas is an artist, designer, researcher, engineer, founder of Lithuanian Space Agency, associate professor at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Former Prorector at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Former Director of an amusement park in Klaipeda.
For almost a decade, working between critical design, amusement park engineering, performative architecture, choreography, kinetic art and sci-fi, the artist has been developing various critical tools of negotiating gravity: from a killer roller coaster to an artificial asteroid made up entirely of human bodies. In these projects he coined the term gravitational aesthetics, an artistic approach exploiting the means of manipulating gravity to create experiences that push the body and imagination to its extremes.

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Photos by Karlas Ramusis