“Bodies Drip in Forest Calcification” is a biomorphic sculptural work presented as a slow performance with the environment of Maajaam. Over many months, shifting crystalline pools of brine will swell and evaporate, metals will oxidise and rust — time, weather, and the atmosphere aren’t solely effectors, but also participants in the work. 

The piece draws attention to more-than-human timescales, and materially predominantly uses waste plastics — which were processed following an approach of pseudo-alchemical transmutation into a form reminiscent of geologic rock.

Supported by:
European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, British Council

Greg Orrom Swan, a London-based artist, designer, and lecturer explores the intersection of current biology and ancient geology at global and microscopic scales. Through installation, digital media, and experiential art he delves into human-nonhuman interconnections.

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Photos by Epp Kubu