As a mysterious and symbolic antenna, the purpose of the artwork is to direct our attention to the surrounding environment and invite visitors into the presence. It’s like a utopian tool addressing the challenge of being unable to remain in the moment. The installation deals with the deconstruction of technology and brings attention to the space that technology inhabits. Discovering the object amidst the trees may require some concentration from the visitor.

The artist scanned specific tree trunks, using their data to model sculptures reminiscent of antennas. All materials used for creation are sourced from the exhibition area surroundings. The artwork is made from 3D-printed clay and treated with spruce resin, with willow branches used for attachment.

Supported by:
European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Savvaļa

Uģis Albiņš is a visual artist based in Riga, Latvia. His art reflects and questions our surroundings using diverse techniques and mediums, embodying cultural standards. His work is focused on solving abstract problems and highlighting production techniques as well as studying everyday experiences.

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Photos by Ingmar Järve, Nima Sarabi