„Ups and Downs“ is an installation consisting of manipulated air tubes that rise and fall in regular intervals. Their appearance is adapted from the surface of birch trunks. With these obvious fake trees and their steady and unnatural up-and-down movement, we want to point out the worldwide intervention of humans in a natural cycle.

In many European nations, there’s a systematic felling of ancient, biodiverse forests, replaced by human-instigated monoculture landscapes. This is a cycle that repeats itself in different places time and time again.

With this installation, we would like to question this cycle and invite visitors to think about whether the forest manipulated by humans is still an attractive functioning habitat and what consequences result from it in the long term. Is sustainable forestry even possible and if so how could that look like in the future?

Attention: the installation does not work in windy weather!

Supported by:
European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, German Embassy in Tallinn

heidundgriess is an artist duo mainly producing interdisciplinary works with installation art since 2011. The artists blend art, architecture, and design due to their diverse backgrounds. Alexandra Grieß studied visual communication and photography, Jorel Heid works as a carpenter and a designer.

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Photos by Fotomorgaana