“World Wind Radio” is an interactive sound installation harnessing nature’s strongest force. Taking the appearance of a wind sock, the installation plays a radio station from different parts of the world depending on the speed and direction of the wind. 

If the wind sock is rooted in Estonia, and a small breeze blows from the south, the audience will listen to live Latvian radio. With a stronger gust, they could enjoy Ukrainian, Zambia, or South African radio. On a day without wind, local radio is played.

Combining nature, technology, and human experience, the project highlights the importance of cultural flow. Erasing geographical borders through sound communicates how diverse cultural exchange makes the world a more beautiful place. Wind embodies the immigration of life. Radios are filled with curated music based on what moves the people of a nation. It’s a snapshot of the cultural landscape of a country. And, like the wind, electronic airwaves know no borders.

Supported by:
European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Institut Français

Jeanne Harignordoquy is a French art director, creative technologist and maker based in London. Through her practice, she explores ways to blend the familiar with the unexpected, creating whimsical and surreal objects that draw attention to important topics relating to nature and the human experience.

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Photos by Nima Sarabi, Epp Kubu