Wild Bits
How to get here?


We are located in Neeruti village, Otepää municipality.
6 km from Otepää in the direction of Maaritsa.

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Latitude: 58.0987895
Longitude: 26.5563315
Altitude: 140m

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Exhibition is opened

25th of May - 15th of September

Summer period
Wednesday - Sunday, 12:00-19:00

23rd-24th of June CLOSED
20th of August CLOSED 

Autumn period (from September 1)
Saturday-Sunday, 12:00-19:00

* entrance will be closed an hour before closing time

How to come by public transport?

The easiest option is to come from Tartu to Otepää by bus and take a taxi from Otepää to Maajaam. You can return to Tartu by direct bus.

Tartu - Otepää
Bus 12:00 - 12:45

Otepää - Maajaam
Taxi 6km (12€)
+372 5155315 / Kaarnaoru taxi

Maajaam - Tartu
Bus 16:32 - 18:05

How to come by bike?

You could ride a bike directly to us. But to reduce some energy, you can use the train to ride Palupera stop.

Tallinn - Palupera
Train 07:42 - 10:41 (25€)

Palupera - Maajaam
By bike 19km / 1-2h)

Palupera - Tallinn
Train 17:38 - 21:06 (25€)

How to come by car?

Distance from Tallinn is 214km and from Tartu it is 38km. The easiest way is to use Google Maps and search for “Maajaam”.

Here are also manual directions from Tartu:

  • drive to direction Võru (route 2)
  • in 16km turn right to direction Otepää (route 46)
  • in 13km turn left to direction Lutike (route 168)
  • drive straight on gravel road until asphalt
  • drive 500m past Ponimaa
  • follow the signs, the parking lot is on the left
  • you arrived!

Nearest airports

Tallinn, Estonia

The easiest access is through Tallinn Airport. There are direct flights from several European airports.

See flights to Tallinn on airport website

There are few bus connections to Maajaam.

Riga, Latvia

There are more flights from Riga Airport and the distance to Maajaam is similar as to Tallinn, but with fewer bus/train connections

See direct flights to Riga

Tartu, Estonia

The closest airport is Tartu, flights are back on schedule from June 2.

See direct flights to Tartu