Wild Bits

Wild Bits technological art exhibition

Wild Bits is an outdoor exhibition that takes place in South-Estonia, near Otepää at the art and technology farm Maajaam – both in the farmlands and in the surrounding nature. The exhibition, which is in the main programme of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024, has installations from the prominent artists working with technological art as well as remarkable emerging artists.

Visitors can find artworks on a stroll across vast meadows, past pony paddocks, through the lush forest and mysterious swamp. Exhibition guests are welcome to enjoy the wind radio and the forest perfumery, listen to the bizarre sounds reflecting over the pasture, transport pine cones out of the forest on a conveyor belt, empathise with the robot with a seemingly impossible task or instead row into the middle of the forest lake and study its biodiversity like a scientist.

Wild Bits provides a wonderful opportunity to lose oneself for a couple of hours in the domed landscape of Southern Estonia and reflect on how nature, man and man-made technologies influence each other.

The exhibition is open from the end of May until the beginning of September and is suitable for exploring with the whole family.

Artists taking part: Agnes Meyer-Brandis (Germany), Marco Barotti (Italy), Julijonas Urbonas (Lithuania), Uģis Albiņš (Latvia), Anna Tamm and Vinzenz Leutenegger (Estonia/Switzerland), Varvara & Mar (Estonia/Spain), Jeanne Harignordoquy (France), Janis Polar (Switzerland), Greg Orrom Swan (United Kingdom), Andreas Zißler, Fabian Lanzmaier and Klemens Kohlweis (Austria), Mohar Kalra (USA), Claudia O’Steen and Aly Ogasian (USA), heidundgriess (Germany), Studio Watershore (Taiwan), Johan Kirsimäe and Markus Varki (Estonia).

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Wild Bits exhibition is open from the 25th of May until the 15th of September 2024. Where is Maajaam?

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Wild Bits outdoor exhibition features 15 artworks from outstanding names of technological art and emerging artists worth discovering.

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