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Wild Bits is a technological art residency and exhibition programme that will culminate with an outdoor exhibition in 2024. The international exhibition explores the human condition in the contemporary technological society and looks at points of contact between people, technology and nature. Wild Bits invites the audience to Maajaam, an art and tech farm in the hill country of Otepää, South Estonia. To the border of overlapping normalities where works of art have found a place in the surrounding nature - on a forest path, a meadow, at the bottom of a lake or at the top of a spruce. The exhibitions are organized by a group of artists and curators connected to Maajaam farm for art and tech. Wild Bits is part of the main programme of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024.

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Currently there are no open exhibitions. Next Wild Bits happens in Maajaam in summer of 2023.

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The technological art installations consisting of sounds, lights, texts, sculptures or online counterparts are placed in natural spaces like forests, fields, swamps and lakes.

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Artworks are presented as curated group exhibitions. The visitors are given a map to navigate the terrain and they can take short walking trips to the artworks.

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Artworks are produced during residencies taking place in Maajaam. The production residency format is great to develop projectes, but also for collaborative exhange of ideas.

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