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Join the team: volunteers and interns

Wild Bits is an outdoor exhibition that takes place in South-Estonia at the art and technology farm Maajaam – both in the farmlands and in the surrounding nature. The exhibition, which is in the main programme of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024, has installations from prominent artists working with technological art as well as remarkable emerging artists.

Maajaam is welcoming volunteers and interns to join the team and give us a hand in preparing and installing the exhibition in the spring and also in the summer when the exhibition is open to the public. The preparatory work will take place from March to May, and the exhibition will be open from 25th of May to 15th of September 2024.

We are looking for volunteers and interns who would like to gain the experience of organising an international art project, love working with their hands and collaborating with different artists. The tasks don’t need special skills and everyone goes through introductory training after arriving at Maajaam.

You can also join us as a group - invite your friends or coursemates along and book the whole residency house.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

Living in Maajaam

The volunteers and interns live in a newly built residency house with four bedrooms (2 people in each room), a kitchen, a bathroom and a common living area. There are two studios in Maajaam that can be used for personal creative projects and a smoke sauna. The kitchen is stocked with basic groceries for cooking. Life in Maajaam is a shared experience - we enjoy each other’s company and often go swimming, cook and go visit ponies and other animals at the neighbouring Ponimaa farm.


The distance of Maajaam from Tallinn is 214km and from Tartu it is 38km. The easiest access is through Tallinn Airport. From the airport the best option is to take the bus straight to Otepää or to Tartu. Read more about arriving to Maajaam here.


We will individually agree on the duration of the internship period, although we prefer interns who can join us for at least two weeks. All interested will be in contact with their university to formalise the intership in the university system.

Applying through Culture Moves Europe and Erasmus+

For international participants we encourage seeking funding through different platforms e.g. Culture Moves Europe and Erasmus+. Maajaam can provide you with documents necessary for the application.

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💪 Muscle power

Exhibition installing period: 1st of April - 26th of May 2024

Exhibition installers work with artists and installers to set up the exhibition works and set up trails that connect the artworks. Basic hammer, nail and drill skills come in handy, but we can also teach you on spot when you arrive.

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🧢 Exhibition assistant

Period: 25th of May - 15th of September 2024
Minimum of 1 week

The exhibition opens on May 25th and is open 5 days a week, from Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 19:00. The exhibition assistants will keep an eye on the audience and will answer their questions regarding the exhibition and art works. The assistants will also check regularly whether the installations work properly and assist the technician if necessary.

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