Wild Bits


architectural residency

Residency duration: up to 3 weeks
Residency dates: 22 April - 12 May 2024
Residency location: Maajaam, Estonia
Application deadline: 21 January 2024 (included)
Results of the open call: 16 February 2024

Maajaam is announcing an open call Wild Space to find an architectural design for the Wild Bits exhibition information point and recreation area. Recreation area is located in the centre of the exhibition where visitors can rest from their walk, sip coffee or enjoy a picnic and grab a copy of the exhibition catalogue from the information point. We are looking for a creative solution that would provide an enjoyable leisure area for the visitors, and would also give them a unique spatial experience and would relate to the exhibition’s technological viewpoint.

Wild Space

Wild Space does not stand still, neither in time nor in space, but flows – it binds together the now and that which holds the power to stimulate the senses and smooth the path for the wild encounter between technology and nature. The competition is focusing on sustainable solutions. The recreation area and information point are temporary structures that should be finalised during the three-week residency.

Wild Bits

The project Wild Bits is an exhibition concept that proposes a temporary art park in the wilderness. The exhibition looks for points of contact between people, technology and nature. The technological art installations are placed in nature around art & tech farm Maajaam – to a forest path, on a meadow or a lake or into the swamp. Wild Bits is part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main programme and is open from 25th of May till 15th of September 2024.


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Maajaam is located on a hill country – hilly landscape that is characteristic to South Estonia. Exhibition information point and recreation area are also on top of a typical dome. The location is in the centre of the exhibition area – at a point where walking paths cross and where visitors can continue their journey in multiple directions and which they will pass through repeatedly during their visit. From the top of the dome there is a view of the surrounding meadows, horse paddocks and groves, and you can also see several works from the distance. On the dome there is an open area and a small birch grove, which offers shade from the sun, with some occasional space between the trees. The recreation area should be partially or completely located between the birch trees.

Functions of the area

Wild Space open call is looking for an architectural design for the exhibition information point and recreation area that are located side by side.

Kiosk should combine several functions – exhibition information desk, headquarters for the staff, cafe and merch display. The kiosk must provide shelter for the staff, be rain and windproof and it should be possible to close the kiosk after hours. The kiosk counter should allow a comfortable communication with visitors, to serve coffee and ice cream and sell merch. The interior of the kiosk must comfortably fit two people and there should be some storage space. Considering the guards, it would be nice if the view would open to several directions. The size of the kiosk can be up to 20 m². Electricity to the kiosk is organised by Maajaam.

Recreation area is right beside the kiosk and should offer seating for at least 30 visitors and provide partial shelter from unexpected rain or intensive sun. In this area visitors can enjoy coffee, have a picnic or take in the scenery.

Kiosk and the recreation area are open during the Wild Bits exhibition from May till September. While designing the area, the unpredictable summer weather in Estonia should be taken into account.

Extra materials

To get a better overview of the are use the following resources.


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Materials and sustainability

Maajaam considers sustainable approach very important and wishes the materials used for the buildings to be recycled, to be production waste, have a potential for reuse in the future or even be biodegradable. We expect the authors to include a description of the materials used and, if possible, a procurement plan. Exhibition organisers are willing to assist in finding materials (reused materials, production waste, sponsor agreements). Maajaam will provide production facilities and tools (see the list here).


We are looking for a team up to 4 people to propose the design and during the residency also build it. One selected team will receive a fee of 5000€ (all taxes included) for participating in the residency and carrying out the construction.

Travel expenses are compensated up to 250€ per person. Accommodation is provided in Maajaam in two twin rooms.

The production budget of the project is up to 2000€ with a special focus on the use of recycled and residual materials.

To apply, please fill the form below. Do not forget to include design sketches and description of the idea, preliminary budget, creative CV or portfolio in your proposal.


The project is part of the Creative Europe Cooperation Project “SPACE: Sustainable Production for Artistic Communities in Europe”.

The SPACE project partners are cultural organisation Ascendum (LV), creative agency Kemmler Kemmler (DE), cross-disciplinary arts space Savvaļa (LV) and technological art exhibition Wild Bits (EE).

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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Maajaam is situated in an old farmhouse, but is nonetheless operated as a media art experimentation residency.

It lies on the frontier of these overlapping normalities, extending an invitation to contemplate, question and explore the aspects of a technological society, its influence on our behaviour, perception and thinking as well as on our surrounding environments.

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